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Beauty Concerns

wrinkles and lines

sagging skin

brown spots

red spots

poor skin texture


tissue volume loss

lax skin

gray or dull skin

crepe paper skin

discolored skin

gap in top of bra

asymmetric breasts

thinning hair

blue-green reticular veins

purple spider veins

sundamaged skin

large pores


acne, pox, or trauma scars

sunken face

thinning lips

lines around lips

Sexual Health Concerns

loss/decreased breast and nipple sensation

decreased breast and nipple sensation from breastfeeding

breast shape and cleavage maintenance following implants

painful sex - dyspareunia

vaginal dryness

low sensitivity in genitals

erectile dysfunction

want increase in penis size

breast shape collapse

low libido

inverted nipples

crinkling, crete paper skin around cleavage

female arousal disorder

hypoactive sexual disorder

female orgasmic disorder

genital mismatch

difficulty with arousal

low sexual desire

difficulty reaching orgasm

enlarged vaginal canal

concern with penis size

penis shape

sensation during intercourse

sexual health issues caused by diabetes

Health Concerns

urinary incontinence

arthritis pain

hip or knee pain

low back stiffness

shoulder pain or stiffness

back pain

neck pain


joint pain

difficulty lifting arms

numbness or tingling

painful spider veins

knee Inuries (MCL, ACL, PCL, LCL sprains or tears)


hip or labral tears

shoulder damage

chronic and lower back pain

wrist or elbow injuries

achilles injuries

ankle pain

foot pain

plantar faciitis