Neurostim Therapy

For patients who have failed conservative therapies, peripheral nerve stimulation is a safe and effective procedure to reduce pain regardless of the duration of the pain. In some cases, STIVAX® neurostimulation therapy is an alternative to the option of addictive medications or those associated with side effects.  STIVAX® neurostimulation therapy involves interrmitent, continuous stimulation of the vagus nerve resultng in improved perfusion of the extremities.  This is done without active substances and is minimally invasive.

Essentially, electrical impulses are delivered directly to peripheral nerves (that are responsible for transmitting pain signals). In a very real sense, the Peripheral Neurostimulator is disrupting those pain signals in the affected nerves. A 4 week interval during treatment simply allows the reduction in pain signals from affected nerves to occur organically over that period of time. Without the interval, continued electrical discharges will disrupt the pain signals but not allow the time needed for the nerves to "heal" on their own (with a brief period of stopping the electrical impulses.)

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